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Why I want to move to Seattle -- Reason #1

"Fay", merely a Tropical Storm, is expected to hit Florida by Tuesday as a cat-1 Hurricane, especially where I live.

And since we don't exactly know where it's going, my guts churn, anxiously thinking about it.

This is why hurricanes are the worst in my personal list of disasters -- not only because of what they are, but of all the uncertainty of where it would go. The days of hoping that it won't hit you where you live.

Jenn, a comic-strip colleague of mine, has recently moved to Seattle. My high school friend Shelley wants to move there too.

Three years. Mark my words. I want to be out of Florida and living in Seattle (or anywhere around there) by 2011.
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laura_seabrook From: laura_seabrook Date: August 18th, 2008 07:04 am (UTC) (Link)
About Hurricanes - first 30 seconds on the video below:
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