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This is our best chance yet for change... - mundanecircus — LiveJournal
This is our best chance yet for change...
...yet some people are apathetic about it. In a little over a month, McCain, Obama and scores of minor candidates will be looking for votes from American voters. But, despite a lot of reasons America is going down the drink -- Bush and his silly war, the economy (you ought to see today's (9/30) front page of the St. Petersburg Times -- a picture on a crumbling, sweaty Ben Franklin from the $100 bill), "No Child Left Behind" (until college), Christian right-wingers demonising gays and abortions (God doesn't need a "P.R." man (hint, hint)), national security after 9/11 (Bush's policy -- "too much is never enough"), and so forth -- there are some that just don't care whether they cast a vote or not.

Personally, I've always been a voter. But it's the state and federal races that I consider the most important, and the ones that I pay rapt attention to. This year, it's much more important, since the next president will set the stage for the next four years, especially after Bush leaves the office. I already have my ballot -- my state has a vote-by-mail option for everyone (not just absentees), as well as early voting. Personally, not voting because you're too busy is a very stupid excuse, as you have ample chances to vote. (I won't be mailing my ballot in until another couple of weeks -- so I could get more info and news on the candidates.)

The main reason why I'm writing my own think piece is that I was inspired to do so by fellow blogger Raina Telgemeier -- the artist and writer responsible for the "Baby Sitter's Club" graphic novels (check'em out!). See her editorial here:


I would like to get your opinion too (so does Raina). And remember:

"Get yerself down t' the pollin' booth! People who don't use their vote deserve what they get!" -- Andy Capp, who flipped a coin to decide who to vote for

P.S. for Canadians -- Your turn will come... the day after Thanksgiving (Columbus day for us yanks).

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